It all went horribly wrong.

Posted by: Kalis on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 12:00:00 am

Today may have been one of the weirdest most stressful days of my life. I took my skunk to get spayed today. A normal procedure they say "drop her off in the morning... pick her up a few hours later." I dropped her off, headed to work, and got a call to pick her up. Picked her up on my lunch break and had a deal with Ken that he would stop by my work and pick up Doodles. About 10-15 mins after getting to work again Doodles started making a weird noise in her carrier. I checked on her and there was blood everywhere in the carrier. She had gotten to her stitches and removed them...causing her intestines to fall out.

Cue complete hysyerics on my part. I grabbed the carrier in one hand, speed dialed the vet in the other and was out the door. I drove to the vet holding Doodles on her back attempting to stem bloodflow and keep anymore intestines from falling out one handed while I navigated roads filled with lunchtime traffic.

The vet met me in the parkinglot as I pulled in, had the skunk away from me and into the surgery room almost instantly, and my hysterical self got turned over to a vet tech. She sat with me for a few minutes letting me calm down before she brought me back to reality with a "you need to clean up, you look like a murder scene..." after that she proceeded to take me to the sink and clean me up with surgical scrub.
About the time we had gotten all the blood out of my hair and off my face/arms the vet came and told me toot was stable. He had me go in and sit with her on a heating pad due to a drop in body temperature. Finally I got a giant pile of medication and instructions to go home and keep her immobile and warm.

From here it will be touch and go. They cleaned her stomach up before pushing it back in and as long as she doesn't get infected she should make a full recovery they think. I am to check on her constantly for fever, call the vet at least twice a day, and monitor her appetite (a significant drop in which could be a sign of sepsis). Wish Doodles the best of luck in her full recovery.

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