Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

Posted by: Kalis on Thursday, November 28, 2013 at 12:00:00 am

It's thanksgiving, and we have brought home Doodle's sister.  Since I named Snickerdoodles (while stuffing my face with cookies of the same name)  Ken named the new baby Stunky (Pokemon what?!) and we have started getting her used to us.   She seems to be decently snuggly but is less apt to approach us than Doodles was.  In fact, the issue with Doodles was keeping her from bothering you when you didn't want her to.  We have Stunky scheduled for a spay (oh goody) and she's got all of her shots already.  

There was a bit of sadness for a little bit when we had to clean Doodle's stuff out of the house, but in my mind I did know I couldn't just keep Doodle's litterbox and poop around as a memorial.  We are giving some of her fav toys to Stunky and it does help the feeling of betrayal knowing that this is her sister.  They grew up together, they loved each other, Doodles probably wouldn't mind sharing.   Except her fav toy.  We buried her with that.   I got a nice memorial stone which says "Our loved ones leave this world but they never leave our hearts" and marked Doodle's grave with it.  She's back with PhiPhi and Second in Command and all of our other beloved skunks.   Each has a marker.  My neighbours might think I'm a weirdo.   When (if ever) we move, we may not be able to bring them with us, but the markers will come for sure. To help remind us of all the sweet babies we have lost throughout the years. 

For now we're stuffing faces with delicious food, remembering old times, and making new friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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