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Posted by: Kalis on Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 12:00:00 am

Anyone who has small cats or dogs and spends a ton of money on Advantage II cause Florida (or anywhere else it seems) is full of fleas, per my vet, you just need these two items to save yourself a TON of money.

Compare the ingredients in small cat Advantage II and Large dog Advantage II. They're exactly the same... Buy the large dog package and you're paying 5-10$ more at most pet stores, but you are getting WAY more of the formula. Open one container of the large dog, and instead of putting it on your small pet, dump it into the vial, and use a cheap ML syringe to dose it out. One large dog dose lasts my cat longer than a whole package of small cat advantage. I can dose both my cats and my skunk from one large dog and still have some left over.

Some measurements in case you're curious. (You can google the boxes of any advantage II size and see the dosage.)

Small Cats: (5-9 lbs) 0.4ml
Large Cats: (Over 9 lbs) 0.8ml
Small Dog: (10lbs and under) 0.4ml
Medium Dogs: (11-20 lbs) 1.0ml
Large Dog: (21-55 lbs) 2.5ml
Extra Large Dog: (55+ lbs) 4.0ml

Do the math.

On petsmart.com it's 50.99 for for large dog 4 tubes It's 63.99 for small cats

I'm posting this friends only cause I don't know too many of my friends who are too retarded to read a label and measure .4 or .8 ml of liquid. Last thing I want is some moron to inject their cat with advantage though and kill it. So please guys, save yourself some money, but don't be an idiot. Use a ml oral syringe and drop on the back of the neck same as you would with a tube of the liquid right out of the box. 

I do this monthly with my cats and my skunk... they aren't dead yet, I promise  (I dose my skunks based on the small cat 5-9 lbs).

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