Butt Mom!

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Posted by: Kalis on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 5:00:00 am

Gingerbread had a prolapse tonight. About a finger and a half to two fingers long, and she was so upset about it that every time someone tried to help her she would purse her butt and push it further out. Cue my boyfriend freaking out while I get in the car with a skunk and some lube to drive an hour to the emergency vet. (I feel so bad for the toll man who had to take skunk butt lube dollars from me.... that is one toll I probably should have run.)

Anyway, Gingy is freaking out about the car ride... which caused her to push more.... which was making it worse. I talked to the vet on the phone and let them know to expect me.

About 10 mins from the vet's office, Gingy falls asleep. Which relaxes her. So her butt fixes itself. Which meant that I walked into the e-vet with a skunk that looked perfectly fine except for the fact that both her butt, my shirt, and my hand had lube on them....

The nurse gave me some extra packets of lube, told me to take her to a regular vet in the morning and then he sent me home. I told them I was gonna take a quick bathroom break to wash my hands, and as I am coming out of the bathroom the super helpful nurse hollers across the waiting room (which was strangely populated for 3AM) at me "DON'T FORGET YOUR LUBE!"

I think I almost died.

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