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Posted by: Kalis on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 3:15:00 pm

I often talk to other skunk owners and find that they have tried everything to get their skunk to play with toys.  Buying tons of toys and throwing them on your floor only to find that your puffy bundle of joy walks around all of them and plays with that piece of paper  you dropped an hour earlier can be depressing.  It can also leave your skunk bored and with nothing to do but sleep. So I figured I would go through a list of some of the toys that I have had success getting most of my skunks to play with.

The plastic baby rattle with bells in the end is a favourite of two of my girls right now.  You can hear them rolling it around the floor from across the house. Gingerbread will grab the handle sometimes in her mouth and give the whole thing a mighty shake. 

Although their baby rattle is a popular choice, most of their toys seem to revolve around two things that skunks really enjoy:   Eating and Hiding.

For Hiding I use crinkly cat tunnels.  My girls have a thing for both tunnels and plastic bag noses, so this thrills them to death.  You can buy tunnels that connect to each other and make your skunks the skunkie equivalent of a McDonald's playplace. 

For food I spend a lot of time in the pet shop looking through foraging puzzles.  Skunks are foragers and like to hunt for their food. I use the above pictured bird puzzle with the chain cut off.  They roll it around and claw at it until they have spun the treats out of the center to where they can access them.  I usually fill these with some fresh nuts and hard fruits and veggies (apple cubes, small circles of baby carrot, etc).  I try to avoid berries and squishy foods cause they make a mess. I also use dog/puppy foraging puzzles with a few treats hidden inside of them. 



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