Don't throw those trimmings away quite yet

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Posted by: Kalis on Friday, July 3, 2015 at 9:46:00 am

If you are anything like me you go through a ton of vegetables every month to feed your skunks. I look at this as part of the price of keeping my girls. But recently I started reusing my skunk's food in a new way to help cut costs.

Every time I cut up a green pepper I clean out a pile of seeds.  When I slice a tomato it drops seeds on the cutting board. When I buy a bag of peas, before I get to the end at least a few of them have little sprouts sticking out of them.  After scrubbing the food mat my skunks eat ob and having some seeds sprout within the brush at the bottom of the mop bucket I realized that my skunk food is a renewable resource.  

I cleaned out two peppers and placed the seeds in a cheap seed tray.  I scooped up some tomatoes seeds. I planted a few of the sprouting peas.  I soon realized that the amount of plants you get from one bell pepper is a lot more than you probably need, but some seedlings don't make it, so I like to plant extra.

BEST PART: I know exactly what went into growing these so I can feel safe feeding them to my skunks, and I have enough extra that I get some too.


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