That cone of shame...

Posted by: Kalis on Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

I have had so many skunk issues where I have had to stay up all night watching my skunks due to stitches and a chewin habit. I was told repeatedly by my vets that skunks can't wear a cone of shame because of their head shape. The cones, they say, slide right off of the skunk. Until recently, I believed them. That is, until I had to take Newt to an emergency vet and she came out fitted with a cone that has stayed on for days.

The trick, the vet informed me, is to create a collar that the skunks cannot remove.  She did this by rolling a collar of vet wrap about the thickness of my thumb. (I am a small female, so If you are a large male you might wanna choose a smaller finger to judge by.)  The collar was made around the skunk's neck.  This works because it allows you to create a collar that cannot slide off.  Most people will slide the cone or collar over the skunk's head and what goes one way will go the other as well. 

The thickness of the collar, I was told, keeps them from being able to get their toes around the edges of the actual cone (which does need to slide over the head so you can remove it at meal times.) The cone then gets connected to the collar. She sent me home with a card stock cone tied on with a strip of gauze and it lasted the next day until I got a plastic cone with collar clips modified to the correct size for Newt. The plastic collar has easy to use clips that I can snap around the blue vet collar. 

I watched my baby roll and tumble and try everything to kick off the collar.  Once it didn't work she gave up and had not tried removing it again. I sleep so much better knowing that my baby isn't sneakily removing her cone and chewing out 300$ worth of stitches while I am in the other room.

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