Can't we all just get along?

Posted by: Kalis on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

After a clean bill of health for Newt we have started introducing her to our other two skunks.  While I find that it works pretty well for snuggle times (minus the fact that three skunks means I am running out of room on my couch) I have also found that my older skunks are not in the mood for shenanigans. No matter how much we try to get them interested in playing with Newt, they find her boundless baby energy exhausting and annoying. 

Newt will run circles around the house just for the pure purpose of running circles around the house. Now that she's well it feels like she is trying to make up for lost time by constantly moving around. The older skunks will curl up in the dog house and try to ignore the pitter patter of her little feet.  It works right until Newt pops into the house and starts bouncing around on top of them.  "HI! PLAY WITH ME!" she seems to be saying.  Both Stunky and Gingy snort with disgust and wander off to try and find somewhere else to hide. 

Along with her boundless energy comes a strange curiosity I can't figure out.  Newt cannot get enough of Gingy's fur.   She will chase poor Gingy around for hours trying to sniff her.  When she catches her sleeping in a snuggle pile she will bury her nose in the fur and just SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF over and over.   She does not act this way with Stunky at all so I'm not sure what it is about Gingy that has her so intrigued. 

For the most part we have a happy family now.  They are kept apart when we are at work just because Newt sometimes accidentally instigates a squabble, but when we are home they are allowed to interact without issue. 

One big happy family.  That's us. 

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