The Unsung Heroes

Posted by: Stephanie Brunson on Monday, October 26, 2015 at 12:00:00 pm

In keeping skunks for years and adopting several rescues I have discovered that there are people out there who are the true unsung heroes of the skunk world.  All of the rescue agencies that put their time and lives on hold to stay up at night with ailing rescues, that put their cash into keeping those rescues alive and getting them back to tip top shape, that put their care and hearts into the rescues and lose a small piece of themselves when one doesn't make it.  These rescue workers are fantastic and dedicated and I look up to every single one of them.  

So who are they you ask? 

Florida Skunk Rescue

The Florida Skunk Rescue is full of amazing workers all over the state who foster the skunks that they rescue within their own homes.  I have called Florida skunk rescue workers  in the past for Vet recommendations, health information, and moral support.  I have attended their events and found every single one of them to be wonderful and welcoming people.  In the past at a point where a life situation gave me no other choice they worked with me to re-home a skunk I was unable to keep.  Throughout the whole situation they were not judgemental, they worked with my schedule, and even came to pick up the skunk from my home when the drive proved to be too much for me to make.  

Skunk Haven

Skunk Haven is an amazing trove of information. From their site that has walked me through many skunk health issues, to their great staff and volunteers.  If you have never made it out to Skunk Fest in Ohio you should put that on your bucket list. It's a must for any skunk lover.  Skunk Haven's founder, Deborah Cipriani, is readily available via their facebook group for help, and will call you on the phone if needed to help walk you through skunk issues. She keeps a house full of skunks and I have seen her work practical miracles bringing skunks back from the brink when they are injured or sick.  Her concern not only for the members of the facebook group but even unknown skunk owners has been very touching in my time as a Skunk Haven group member. 

Both organizations are filled with volunteers and workers who love skunks and are dedicated to spending their free time helping to educate skunk owners. You guys are the best. Mad props to you all, too many names to list, but each and every one of you is a hero, a skunkie life saver, and an amazing person. 

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