Skunky Photo Shoot

Posted by: Kalis on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Because all of the skunks are doing well and getting used to each other I decided to try and take some "family photos." I started by setting up a chair and lights for the shoot, got my camera on a tripod and focused then it was time for the skunks.

I started while the skunks were sleepy in the middle of the day so that they would hold still better.  I only managed a few quick shots before the lights and the new stuff got their attention.  At this point everyone started milling around, sniffing things, and yawning.  

I got quite a few blurry pictures of all three of them.  Even if two skunks were still the other one was blurred.  Newt kept jumping off of the chair. Stunky wanted to turn around and bury her head.  Gingy wanted to know why we were awake still. 

It was a fun time, and I did come up with some good photos but next time I may have to employ extra hands.


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