Super Puppy Bowl

Posted by: Kalis on Friday, February 5, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

It's happened. I finally gave in.  We're having a super bowl party.  Well, sort of.   Deborah from Skunk Haven has finally been allowed to announce that her skunk, Tank, will be playing the part of "Stanley the referee" in this year's Animal Planet Puppy Bowl. So I called Verizon, got my channel package updated to include Animal Planet (how did I not have that already) and we're ready to go.  We'll be cheering for you, Tank.

Because of course most of my party will include the girls and I the treats for the party are going to be tasty veggie mixes, some cheese cubes, and maybe a tasty yoghurt dip for the skunks. My boyfriend has given in to the fact that any superbowl watching he is doing will be happening on a much smaller screen because the projector is ours. If you're going to be watching the superbowl this sunday, don't forget to set a DVR so you can go back later and cheer on these adorable pups and their furry ref, Stanley. 

One of the great things about the puppy bowl is that amid issues with skunks as pets being under fire in Oregon and Tennessee we have a domestic skunk who is showing up at the puppy bowl. Us skunk lovers and our furry friends need all of the positive press we can get when our pets are looked at as stinky, rabid, reclusive rodents by the majority of the population.  Only time and education will fix that. 

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