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Posted by: Kalis on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

When this time of year comes around all of my skunk owning friends start posting pictures as their skunks have babies, as they bring home their new acquisitions, as they rescue wild litters and work towards releasing them, etc.  It's a time where I have to clamp firmly onto my wallet and my tendency to impulse buy and just keep saying "No no no no no."  It's a hard word to say when faced with a million skunky babies.  They're cuter than should be legal.

Baby skunk facts: 

  • Tiny baby skunks can kill you with cuteness. Beware!
  • Tiny baby skunks can also show off their fancy stripes, even if they don't have their fluffy fur yet. 
  • When I brought my first skunk ever home as a baby, I could put her in my hand and cover her completely with my other.
  • Baby skunks think you are momma duck.  They follow you everywhere even without a leash.
  • The best way to become evil is to hold baby skunks until your heart melts... cause it will.... Take that Dr Horrible. 
  • Baby skunks chirp and cheep.  It is a sound like angel wings.
  • Baby skunks CAN spray. Their farts do not smell like roses.
  • The more you can hold and interact with a baby skunk, the better a pet it will make in the long run.  
  • Baby skunks sleep like the dead.  You can wiggle their legs all over and they won't wake up. 
  • Baby skunks eat a lot... they can have blood sugar issues if they don't   This often leads to tiny adorable pot bellies until they hit their growth spurt.
  • Tiny baby skunks have no fear.  They are supermen in their minds. 

I went onto the UK skunk group on facebook and asked permission to share some of their skunk's images, because baby skunks are something that should be shared everywhere.  They're the most amazing things I have ever seen. Everyone, it seems, agrees with me... because I have way more images than will fit into a blog post.  So I created an entire Baby Skunks 2016 Album!  You may experience sudden bursts of joy, uncontrollable desires for snuggles, and cuteness overloads while viewing this album.

See the Baby Skunks!

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