A Wild Stunky Appeared

Posted by: Kalis on Monday, August 1, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

My skunks tend to hide inside with me during the summer months in Florida.  It's too hot outside to want to spend hours of your time baking in the sun.  I grew up in Florida, I've had sunburns that have rendered me unable to walk with their severity (I know, I was an idiot) and I am in no mood to ever repeat that over exposure.   Until of course, Pokemon Go appeared. 

I've always been a huge fan of Pokemon (with a skunk named Stunky who would have guessed?) and so Pokemon Go was an exciting release in our house.  I went out instantly to "catch em all" and instantly regretted it.  It's boiling hot outside.   So I started going out in the evenings and at night.  There are a few boardwalk areas with nice parks and swings up against the beaches that you can walk through, and they're full of pokemon and pokestops. After the first few times, I started heading out with Stunky in tow.  Newt gets too excited and can't be restrained while I am trying to catch pokemon, Gingy doesn't like outside at all.  Go figure it would be the skunk named after a pokemon that became my pokemon companion.  

We've spent hours at the parks collecting pokemon and spinning pokestops while enjoying a swing or a sunset.  The best part is the laughter and the knowing looks when I tell someone her name.  Stunky is far less than shy and will wander up to anyone, so I have to keep her in check (often by having her in my lap) so she doesn't wander up to random dogs.  She snuggles in and just sniffs everything or claws my arm gently asking for back scratches.   It's nice.  Gotta thank Pogo for getting me out in the evenings, since Stunky and I both have enjoyed having extra outdoors time. 

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