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Posted by: Kalis on Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

I haven't been blogging for a while because all of my free time has been spent on my super secret project.  What was that project you ask?   Going mobile.  I've prepared for launch and now Skunk Guru is not only a website, but it has an app as well. 

Along with creating an app for already known features such as the vet list and the blogs, there is also new content.  I have created an entire diet section which allows for weight tracking, graphing your skunk's diet progress, calculating the average amount of calories your skunk should be consuming per meal, etc.   It has been a long process getting everything done (I'm not really a big mobile developer and learning a lot of the mobile development has been interesting)  but I'm happy to say we're launched.  

There's something great about seeing the app in the app store.   I'm working on getting a backlog of submitted vets and information onto the site, and I apologize for ghosting anyone who was reading my blog regularly.  I will in the future be posting more regularly again.   I will probably back post a few blogs, such as a blog about the Florida skunk show (which was amazing.)

If you are reading this on the app, that's awesome!  I'm so happy you are enjoying the app.  If you are not reading this on the app, feel free to take a look at the Android app through the play store.  The iPhone version is coming soon. 

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