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Posted by: Kalis on Friday, June 23, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

I woke up in the morning the other day and it turned out my town was being attacked by aliens....  or was it bears?  Whatever they were they were large. They attacked our servers with a vengeance and we were unable to turn them back. As a last ditch effort to save all humanity we blew the servers up.  We thought it would kill all the alien bears and life would go back to normal, but it turns out they have really thick skin. So they survived. 

My brother got stitches in his hand, My dad had to have his gall-bladder removed, My mom is on a cruise to Alaska with my grandmother and my aunt.   They all survived the great alien bear server explosion.  We think.  But we have no contact with Alaska. Also, Overwatch released low-gravity mode and so I was floating around waiting for my character to finally get back down to the ground.  Takes a long time, especially if you are Pharah. 

The moral of the story is that the alien bears were really just representatives for the internet trying to let me know that my SSL was expiring.  We blew them up without listening cause they were creepy looking (and I stand by that decision.)  However, without warnings, which wouldn't have mattered because I don't speak bear-a-nese, I let my SSL expire.  It's been fixed.  

Stay safe you guys, there could be bears anywhere. 

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