Irma, Skunk Fest, and More

Posted by: Kalis on Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

I know, I missed a lot of blogging.  I've been super busy with life and haven't added anything in a while.  So I'm going to catch everyone up. 


We live in Florida and we were directly in the path of Hurricane Irma.  Irma had terrible timing, as I had already bought tickets to fly to Skunk Fest in Ohio.  Ken packed the animals in the car and evacuated over the road while I took my trip to Ohio.  My plane home was cancelled and I stayed in Ohio an extra few days until I could find a flight home. 

My house was fine when we got home, just a lot of shingles lost on the roof and no power.  When power was restored we found out my neutral line was down when an outlet in the office caught fire.  No major damage to the house, everyone was OK, and everything got repaired pretty quick.  Our roof has since been redone (we already had a contract before Irma anyway, how lucky was that?) and the walls of the office painted to remove the char mark. 

Skunk Fest

I cannot thank Deb, Kevin, and Skunk Haven enough for all they did for me while I was stuck up in Ohio.  I know I was a nervous wreck about the skunks, my house, Ken, and everything with the hurricane.   They helped feed me, drive me around Ohio, find a way home, and took me out sight seeing to get my mind off of things.  

Skunk Fest itself was a great time.  I sold keychains and magnets I had made to help Skunk Haven, I got to judge the costume contest (so many adorable skunks) I got to meet a lot of friends from the online forums, and I really didn't take enough pictures. I'll put up an Ohio album with pictures of both Skunk Fest and our adventures around town after. 


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