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To Pee or not to Pee

Posted by: Kalis on Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Puppy Potty Pad Holder with Walls

With baby season only a few months away and people deciding whether or not they want to put a deposit down on a baby skunk, I want to talk about one of what I consider the "best kept secrets" of skunk ownership.  Their ability to be litter trained.  I talk to people when I am out with my skunk and when they ask about my skunk's restroom habits I always gloss over them with "they're litter trained" or "they use puppy pads" and move on.  There is SO much more to skunk potty training than that, and it can become a disaster if you aren't prepared for it.

A bit of background to explain this:  I am an anosmic.  I have no sense of smell at all. I was born that way and doctors have told me that there's no way to bring it back.  I'm smell blind. This fact of my everyday life makes it twice as hard to keep my house clean, since I have chosen to keep animals who hoard poop. I don't believe skunks hoard poop on purpose. I think as babies they don't know any better, and as adults they are either angry or lazy.  But it happens, and far more than a lot of us like to admit. I don't know many skunk owners who don't have at least one story of finding a poop hoard somewhere their skunk had designated as a den.  This is mine: 

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Someone once told me that skunks don't climb

Posted by: Kalis on Monday, July 13, 2015

That's right. I was informed that because of the shape of their body and the fact that they are bad at climbing DOWN from things that I would never have to worry about them climbing up either.  15 years and 7 skunks later I am calling BS on this person. I have had skunks climb into the strangest of places, with no idea how they got there, and often found them highly distressed at the fact that they can't get back down.  Although, there have been times when seeing them climb down was the only reason I was able to figure out how they got up in the first place. 

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Introducing a new skunk to your home

Posted by: Kalis on Friday, June 5, 2015

There have been a few times in my life where I have decided that my home is not filled with enough skunky glory. Sometimes the decision was thrust upon be by the appearance of an unwanted skunk that I just couldn't leave behind. Other times it was one made by the loss of a long time skunk, leaving behind one lonely skunk who was used to having a friend. But, whatever choice made me decide to take a new skunk and introduce it into my house when there were fullgrown skunks already residing there, I have discovered that it can be a long drawn out trial to get peace in your household once again.

Here are a few things to remember when introducing a new skunk to your home...

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Beat the Heat

Posted by: Kalis on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Around Easter I took both of my skunks to the Florida Skunk Easter Egg Hunt.  It took place outside an on a back porch, and though the temperature was OK in the morning, by mid-afternoon both me and the girls were what can only be described as sweltering. Stunky handled it the best.  She found a couch to crawl under and sat in a nice cool shady place.  Gingerbread, however, sat in the stroller panting and drooling trying to cool herself off. 

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