Westchester Animal Clinic

Phone: 219-926-1194

Website: http://westchesteranimalclinic.com/

Doctor's Name: Dr Laurence Reex

Wildlife/Rehab Welcome

55 US-20
Porter, IN 46304


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Comment By Vet Submitter on May 20, 2016 at 6:41 pm said:
Dr. Reed is an Indiana State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. Our goal is to provide care to the wildlife of Northwest Indiana. We treat many animals who otherwise would be left helpless, then we relocate them to a safe and secure habitat so they may continue living as nature intended. We accept wildlife at the clinic that has been injured, orphaned or sick. We accept small mammals and certain reptiles. Due to State and Federal laws we may not be able to accept certain species and breeds. Please call our office to ensure we are able to care for any animal you may rescue. Unfortunately, we are unable to rescue or retrieve animals away from our campus. If you find an animal that is in need of attention please call your local DNR office for assistance. Remember most animals in need are frightened and may be aggressive. In the event the office is closed there is a list of other wildlife rehabilitators near you who may assist you as well. http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/5492.htm. Because our ability to help these animals relies on a State License we must take minimal information on all animals that are brought to us for care. Please understand that the information we collect will be used to keep our license therefore we CANNOT accept any animals that are abandoned or dumped at our clinic especially when our office is closed.

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