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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Irma, Skunk Fest, and More

I know, I missed a lot of blogging.  I've been super busy with life and haven't added anything in a while.  So I'm going to catch everyone up. 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


We lost a wonderful skunk last week. Gingerbread came to us from a small rabbit cage in the back of a petshop stacked next to the dog food. I remember seeing her there, sending Ken a picture, and he instantly said "How much? We can't leave her like that."  We brought her home and gave her room, friends, and love. 

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Greetings Skunk Enthusiasts!

This website is a site that I keep to chronicle my life as a skunk owner servant. Along with blogging about my life with my skunks, I have also collected some information about skunks that I have placed below for your reference. Please keep in mind that I am not a vet or a lawyer, so any medical advice or legal information is listed as it was told to me. I try my hardest to keep everything up to date, but suggest making sure that you check with a vet for any serious medical issues, or with your local fish and game/wildlife office for any legality issues. 



Skunks are not legal in all of the United States. Keeping a skunk in a state where they are not legal can not only get you in trouble with the law, but may result in the death of your skunk either from the inability to find a vet when your skunk is sick, or from the local wildlife officer's fear of rabies. Even in state's where a skunk is legal a skunk biting someone can be a death sentence for your beloved pet.  Please make sure you are up to date on all laws before keeping a skunk as a pet. To view a map with information about the legality in different states, click here. 




From exotic pet expos to skunk shows where proud skunk owners compete for the honor of best in show, this calendar lists events and shows where you can go to meet other skunk owners, get educated about keeping pet skunks, and more. All events also to the main event website for more information and, if applicable, entry forms. 

Note: To enter your skunks into a show you are almost always required to have up to date permits for your area and some sort of health certificate from a vet.  Because permits can take a while to renew make sure that you have your permits ready to go before the month of the event.  This will avoid you accidentally being left out. 



When pet skunks make the news, I post links to the articles to allow everyone to follow the amazing stories that are shared.  These stories range anywhere from skunk show coverage, pet lovers, tskunk rescues, and even just cute pictures.  Feel free to browse through all the skunky glory. 



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